Map, and Art

The readings for this Tuesday were on maps as a mean of artistic expression.

The readings described maps as utilitarian and “bearing implicit promises of routes into and out of the unknown”. According to the reading, maps are very apt medium to be remediated. Normal maps only point the way to unknown places, but when these maps are remediated, they can become something contextually larger. 

Artwork, especially those created by remediating maps, does not only locate the known and the unknown territory but also embody experiences, both internal and external. While maps point to places that exist, when they are remediated into artworks they can even depict “lost spaces”, places that no longer exist, or are only a figment of our imagination. 

A term that is mentioned in the readings that caught my attention was psychogeography. Psychogeography is a branch of artists’ mapping and it explores systems and relationships rather than the imagery portrayed by most maps. It probes patterns of behaviour, and can involve projects such as personal interviews, scientific experiments and observations in urban environments. It is different from geographic maps as it measures the psychological terrain. 


One thought on “Map, and Art

  1. It interested me on how you added the concept of remediation in todays reading. I liked how you phrased it that mapping infused with artwork can be used to discover “lost places.” I agree with this; when it comes to mapping with art the artist is free to implement their ideas into the piece. The norms of geographical mapping no longer apply. The part about psychogeography intrigued me as well. The projects they did with the boxes in Chicago was one of the experiments that stood out in my mind.

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