Playing wit Graffiti


I decided to graffiti on the wall right outside Canopy Club, a bar on campus. I decided to graffiti on “21 & down” with a beer bottle in reference to the frequent underage drinking that happens on campus. When people look at this on their night out they might think it’s entertaining because most people who hang out at Canopy are probably underage. My desired consequence for this graffiti is for the audience to realize how ironic it is that the legal drinking age in America is 21 but it is not taken seriously at all. I also want the audience to reflect on how ridiculous the 21+ law is since most people who are patrons of these bars on campus are under 21 or barely 21.

I think the medium of graffiti gives a lot of possibilities when you want to speak about a social issue, as the location on which we are committing this illegal act also contributes meaning to the work. Also, graffiti is almost always in a public place seen and used by numerous people every day, which makes it a suitable medium if you want to shine a light on a subject you want more people to think about.


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