Anecdotes and Moments of Reflection

In his piece for The Moth, Al Sharton tells a personal story about growing up. He talks about how he always wanted to be a preacher as he loved to preach. As he grew up he realized that he wanted to spread the word on social justice, and it eventually even read him to be stabbed by someone who was out to kill him. He eventually forgave this man and even exchanged letters with him when the attacker was in prison. He raises questions regarding forgiveness, which I found interesting and was a great moment of reflection for me. I think forgiveness is a very interesting topic, and I certainly believe that there are complicated emotions involved with the act of forgiveness. Sharton paused a lot when he was speaking, which was nice as it gave me time to take in what he was saying easily. Silence gives the listener the opportunity to mull over what is being said. Music and sound can elicit a certain mood and help engage the listeners. I feel like Sharpton used a very ‘reverend’ like voice – he talked like a preacher: very calming and sleep-inducing. Sharpton’s piece could be considered autobiographical and also political, as he drew reference to politics and social influences in his life. With my own project, I think I’ll try to add more pauses as I tend to talk without pauses sometimes.



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