An Accomplishment


After much consideration, I decided to tell an anecdote that happened to me not so long ago. I decided to tell the story of interaction I had with a friend last year that has really bothered me at the time. Through this story, I wanted the audience to know that it is important to speak against prejudices and discrimination even if the offending party may be ‘joking’ about these important social issues.

The overall mood of the podcast is very dry and sarcastic, with a sense of humour. I wanted to establish this mood with my voice, which is very flat and dry while telling the story. I wanted this dryness to illustrate my emotions regarding the events that happen through the podcast – I was tired of dealing with that kind of situations back when it happened, and I am still now, and I wanted to show my tiredness of telling people off on offensive jokes through how flat and bored I sounded. I also change my voice a bit when I’m speaking the lines of other characters to add more diversity to the story, and I raise my voice a bit when I speak as me when I was angry.

I also wanted to enhance this mood with the music, as “the music we listen to shape our perception” (McKee). I wanted the audience to listen to the music on an expressive plane and feel how the music works into the story. The music I decided to use has jazz and hip-hop elements and the vibrancy of the music contrasts my dry narration and adds a nice balance to the podcast. I also considered the context of the music that I used; jazz and hip-hop are both genres of music deeply rooted in African traditions that white people have picked up as mainstream form of entertainment along the history of America. Also the songs sampled in the podcast are by Korean artists, to reflect back on my own cultural background. These contextual elements of the music is relevant to the story of the podcast as in the podcast I talk about a white male individual who has disregarded minorities, when his own life and interests have been so immensely been affected by the groups of people he offended.

I used sound effects of an automated voice reading the definition of ‘accomplishment’ and saying the word ‘accomplishment’ to add onto the sarcastic dark humour of the piece. Moreover, I tried to use silence effectively during moments of reflection. The first moment of reflection comes when the male character says something incredibly offensive, so the audience can reflect on the terrible thing he has just said. I also utilize silence in one other occasion for much shorter than I explicitly mention that there was a moment of silence, to add some tension to the story. I also think the music fading in and out in the end of the podcast also provides a moment of reflection for the audience to think about the themes of the podcast.

Recording and editing a podcast was certainly a very different experience from which I learned a lot. I had no idea how to use sound editing programs and it was nice to get to learn how to use them. I also did not anticipate how hard it was going to be to time everything and pick the correct music samples to use to complete the podcast. If I could do this again, I think I’ll try to improve the recording quality of my narration as there were moments where one could hear extraneous noises that could be distracting.


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